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List of songs whose title includes personal names
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List of songs whose title includes personal names

This list is incomplete. You can help Wikipedia by adding to it.

This page lists songs whose titles either are or contain people's names (as opposed to geographical names). It is organized into two sections:

Table of contents
1 Exact names
2 Contain names
3 Notes
4 See also
5 References

Exact names

Exact 0-9

Exact A

Exact Aa-Am

Exact An

Exact Ao-Az

Exact B


Exact C

Exact C0-Cg

Exact Ch-Cz

Exact D

Exact E-I

Exact J

Exact K-L

Exact M

Exact M0-Ma

Exact Mb-Mz

Exact N-O

Exact P-R

Exact S-T

Exact U-Z

Contain names

Contain 0-9

Contain A

Contain A0-Am

Contain An-Az

Contain B

Contain B0-Bm

Contain Bn-Bz

Contain C

Contain D

Contain E-F

Contain G-I

Contain J

Contain J0-Jl

Contain Jm-Jz

Contain K-L

Contain M

Contain N-R

Contain S

Contain S0-Si

Contain Sm-Sz

Contain T

Contain U-Z


See also