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List of songs by name
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List of songs by name

Here is a list of songs in alphabetical order.

Note that songs may have the same name because:

List of songs by name:
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Table of contents
1 Adding entries
2 Formatting entries
3 Songs with "A " and "The" in titles
4 Songs that are not native English
5 Ordering

Adding entries

Wikipedia style: Songs are placed in quotation marks, albums are italicized and artists are left alone (i.e. The Doors song "L.A. Woman" comes from their Xth album L.A. Woman).

On song linkages: Don't link to a song that has no article unless you believe that the song most certainly deserves an article and/or you are willing to write a piece of more than one paragraph's length (ie. not a stub article).

Source of songs: Please try and include as much information as possible such as year of release/composition and what album the song (if any) originated from. It is standard practice to avoid sourcing greatest hits packages, compilations, live albums, and soundtracks, unless the song was previously unreleased by that artist/s.

Formatting entries

Singles only: A recommended format is this:

  1. "Song Title" - Artist(s) (Year made, Version*). Extra notes

an example is this:
  1. "Waterloo" - ABBA (1974, English version) Eurovision Song Contest entry.

*note version is not always needed as sometimes there is only one version of a song.

Songs from Albums: A recommended format is this:

  1. "Song Title" - Artist(s) (Album Title, Year Made). Extra notes

an example is this:
  1. "L.A. Woman" - The Doors (L.A. Woman, 1971)

Many other songs can be found in the year entries listed at List of musical events.

Songs with "A " and "The" in titles

Songs beginning with "A " and "The" are listed alphabetically according to the first letter of the second word in the title. This format is also found in other encyclopaedias and indexes of books. For example:

"A Saucerful of Secrets" - Pink Floyd (A Saucerful of Secrets, 1968)

is listed under "S" for Saucerful rather than "A" for "A ".

"The Lemon Song" - Led Zeppelin (Led Zeppelin II, 1969)

is listed under "L" for Lemon rather than "T" for "The".

Songs that are not native English

If it has an English title:

e.g. if it has a Native-only title:

e.g. In this case, list the by the Romanized title.


Songs which have the same title but different artists are listed chronologically, with the earlier recording/composition listed first, eg:

  1. "Yesterday" - The Beatles (Help, 1965)
  2. "Yesterday" - Chet Atkins (Chet Atkins Picks on the Beatles, 1965)
  3. "Yesterday" - Marianne Faithfull (Go Away From My World, 1965)
  4. "Yesterday" - Chris Farlowe (14 Things to Think About, 1966)
  5. "Yesterday" - Perry Como (Lightly Latin, 1966)
  6. "Yesterday" - Tom Jones (Live in Las Vegas, 1969)
  7. "Yesterday" - Frank Sinatra (My Way, 1969)
  8. "Yesterday" - Elvis Presley (On Stage: February 1970, 1970)
  9. "Yesterday" - Spirit (Son of Spirit, 1976)
  10. "Yesterday" - Bad Religion (Back to the Known, 1984)
  11. "Yesterday" - Michael Bolton (, 1992)
  12. "Yesterday" - Wet Wet Wet