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List of relativistic equations
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List of relativistic equations

Special relativistic equations

Table of contents
1 Definitions
2 Equations
3 Further reading


Speed parameter

This is the speed parameter which occurs in the Lorentz factor. A consequence of this is that as v, the speed of the moving body, approaches c, the speed of light, the speed parameter approaches one and therefore the Lorentz Factor approaches infinity.

Lorentz factor

This factor describes the change in measured times and lengths by observers in relative motion.
Relativistic momentum
Kinetic energy
Because γ diverges to infinity as v approaches c the kinetic energy also approaches infinity. Therefore it is not possible to accelerate a body to the speed of light with a finite amount of energy. Note that at one time in presentations of special relativity, it was common to introduce a quantity called the relativistic mass, defined as m=γm0. In modern treatments of special relativity, mass is always defined as the mass measured by a comoving observer, and is therefore synonymous with the rest mass.


Further reading

This article contains only a very few of the definitional equations of the Theory of relativity. See also:

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