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List of publications in biology
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List of publications in biology

This is a list of important publications in biology, organized by field.

There are some reasons why a particular publication might be regarded as important:

Table of contents
1 Evolutionary biology
2 Genetics
3 See also

Evolutionary biology

The Origin of Species

Description: The Origin of Species is one of the hallmark works of biology. In it, Darwin details his theory that organisms gradually evolve through natural selection. It was first published on November 24, 1859 and immediately sold out its initial print run. Darwin presents a theory of evolution that is in most aspects identical to the theories now accepted by scientists. He carefully argues out this theory of evolution of species by natural selection by presenting all the accumulated scientific evidence from his voyage on the HMS Beagle in the 1830s.

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Experiments on Plant Hybridization

Description: Experiments on Plant Hybridization was the result after years spent studying genetic traits in pea plants. In his paper, Mendel compared seven discrete traits. Through experimentation, Mendel discovered that one inheritable trait would invariably be dominant to its recessive alternative. This model, later known as Mendelian inheritance or Mendelian genetics, provided an alternative to blending inheritance, which was the prevailing theory at the time.

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Molecular structure of Nucleic Acids

Description: The structure of the DNA molecule discovery.
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