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List of programs broadcast by Fox
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List of programs broadcast by Fox

The following is a list of programs currently, formerly, and soon to be broadcast on Fox.

Currently broadcast by Fox

Current primetime schedule

Regular programming (white) New programming (red) Movies & Specials (cyan) Other programming (blue)
SundayOliver BeeneKing of the HillThe SimpsonsArrested DevelopmentMalcolm in the MiddleArrested DevelopmentLocal ProgrammingLocal Programming
MondayLocal ProgrammingFox Movie
TuesdayThe JuryThe Jury
WednesdayThe Simple Life 2The Simple Life 2The Simple Life 2The Simple Life 2
ThursdayThat 70's ShowThat 70's ShowTru Calling
FridayOutrageous Celebrity Look-A-Like BehaviorThe Jury
SaturdayCopsCopsAmerica's Most WantedMADtv

Formerly broadcast by Fox

Coming soon to Fox

Planned, but never aired, on Fox

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