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List of places named after Stalin
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List of places named after Stalin

During Joseph Stalin's rule, many places, mostly cities, in the Soviet Union and other communist countries were named or renamed in honor of him as part of the cult of personality. Most of these places had their names changed back to the original ones shortly after Stalin's death in 1953 or after the beginning of de-Stalinization in 1961.

In some countries, including those in the West, there are streets, squares etc. named after Stalingrad (and hence indirectly after Stalin), in honor of the courage shown by the defenders at the battle of Stalingrad against Nazi Germany. These names have not been changed back, since they refer to an event with a fixed historical name.

A remote township in Sudbury District, Ontario was named the Geographic Township of Stalin until 1986, when a Private Member's Bill in the Ontario legislature renamed it the Geographic Township of Hansen, after Canadian paraplegic athlete Rick Hansen.

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