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List of people associated with the French Revolution
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List of people associated with the French Revolution

This article is part of the
History of France series.
France in the Middle Ages
Valois Dynasty
Bourbon Dynasty
French Revolution
   Up to the storming of the Bastille
   From the abolition of feudalism
      to the Civil Constitution of the Clergy
   From July 14, 1790 to the
      establishment of the Legislative Assembly
   The Legislative Assembly and
      the fall of the French monarchy
   French Revolutionary Wars
   French Revolutionary Calendar
   Glossary, Timeline, List of people
First French Empire
French Restoration
Second Republic
Second French Empire
Third Republic
France during World War II
Fourth Republic
Fifth Republic

This is a partial list of people involved in the French Revolution. It includes both supporters and opponents of the revolution. It attempts to give identifying facts and ultimate fates. As a rule, the best place to clarify complexities is in the article on the individual in question.

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