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List of particles
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List of particles

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1 Composite particles
2 Elementary particles
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Composite particles

Particles in Physics - Composite particles Edit
Molecules | Atoms | Atomic nuclei | Hadrons | Baryons | Mesons | Exotic baryons | Exotic mesons | Tetraquarks | Pentaquarks

Elementary particles

An elementary particle is a particle with no measurable internal structure, that is, it is not a composite of other particles. In a quantum field theory, these are the particles which are created and annihilated by the field operators in the Lagrangian. Elementary particles can be classified according to their spin.

Particles in Physics - Elementary particles Edit
Fermions : Quarks | Leptons
Gauge Bosons : Photon | W+, W- and Z0 bosons | Gluons
Not yet observed
Higgs boson | Graviton
Supersymmetric Partners : Neutralinos | Charginos | Gravitino | Gluinos | Squarks | Sleptons


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