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List of organic gardening and farming topics
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List of organic gardening and farming topics

This page is a list of topics that are relevant to both Organic gardening and Organic farming.

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Table of contents
1 Soil
2 Soil fertility
3 Techniques
4 Tools
5 Propagation
6 Wildlife in the garden
7 Crops
8 The ornamental organic garden
9 Pests and diseases
10 Weeds
11 Organic organisations
12 Some important figures in the organic gardening movement
13 Related topics
14 Related lists


Soil fertility

Composting methods and systems
Windrow composting
German mound
Leaf mold
High fibre composting
Worm compost
Spent mushroom compost
Sheet composting
"Humanure" (composting human waste)
  • Green manure
    Leguminous plants
  • Comfrey
  • Seaweed fertiliser
  • Techniques


    Pruning and tree care;
    • Secatuers
    Pruning saw
    Bow saw


    Wildlife in the garden


    The ornamental organic garden

    Pests and diseases

    Nutrient deficiencies
    Calcium deficiency
    Iron deficiency
    Magnesium deficiency
    Manganese deficiency
    Nitrogen deficiency
    Phosphorus deficiency
    Potassium deficiency
  • Plant pathology (ie, plant diseases caused by fungi, viruses, bacteria, etc)
    Honey fungus
    Specific replant disease
    Rust (fungus)
    Disease resistance in fruit and vegetables
  • Weeds

    (see also 'weed control techniques' above)

    Organic organisations

    Some important figures in the organic gardening movement

    (please add names in alphabetical order)

    Related topics

    Related lists