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List of optical telescopes
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List of optical telescopes

Name Abbreviation Remarks Location
Anglo-Australian Observatory AAO 3.9 metre Anglo-Australian Telescope, 1.2 metre UK Schmidt Telescope Coonabarabran, New South Wales (Australia)
David Dunlap Observatory DDO Richmond Hill, Ontario (Canada)
McDonald Observatory 11m Hobby-Eberly Telescope, 2.7m Harlan J. Smith Telescope, 2.1m Otto Struve Telescope Davis Mountains, 450 miles west of Austin, Texas (USA
Infrared Optical Telescope Array IOTA Amado, Arizona (USA)
Nordic Optical Telescope NOT Canary Islands, Spain
Overwhelmingly Large Telescope OWL Conceptual design of a telescope with a single aperture of 100 meters in diameter. Still on research status.
Southern African Large Telescope SALT Biggest telescope in the southern hemisphere of the Earth. Karoo, South Africa
Very Large Telescope VLT System of four separate optical telescopes organized in an array formation. Paranal Observatory, Chile

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