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List of Ontario counties
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List of Ontario counties

In the Canadian province of Ontario, there are two different types of regional government structures: regions and counties. They differ primarily in the services that they provide to their residents.

Regions generally have more servicing responsibilities than the counties. They generally provide the following services: maintenance and construction of arterial roads, transit, policing, sewer and water systems, waste disposal, region-wide land use planning and development, as well as health and social services. Regions are typically more urbanized than counties, while some regions are almost completely urban in nature. Four of these regions are single-tier municipalities; in those cases, there are no local municipal governments below the regional level.

Counties have fewer responsibilities than regions, as the local municipalities (cities, towns, villages, townships) within the counties typically provide the majority of municipal services to their residents. The responsibilities of county governments are generally limited to the following: maintenance and construction of arterial roads, health and social services, and county land use planning. Counties are only found in Southern Ontario.

For more information on Ontario's census divisions, see List of Ontario Census Divisions.

For a historic overview and list of the province's defunct counties, see Historic counties of Ontario.

Note: This list does not include the non-governmental districts of Northern Ontario.


(A † denotes a single-tier municipality--that is, a standalone municipality with only one level of municipal government--that is considered to be "regional" in scope.)


(* Muskoka District Municipality is the only district in Ontario that provides regional scale services.)