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List of Ohio Politicians (by federal office)
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List of Ohio Politicians (by federal office)

Table of contents
1 Executive Branch
2 Legislative Branch
2.6 Senate
2.7 House of Representatives
3 Judicial Branch

Executive Branch

Presidents of the United States and Candidates

Name Life Dates Party Candidate Served
James M. Cox 1870-1957 Democratic 1920  
James A. Garfield 1831-1881 Republican 1880 1881
Ulysses S. Grant 1822-1885 Republican 1868, 1872 1869-1877
Warren G. Harding 1865-1923 Republican 1920 1921-1923
Benjamin Harrison 1833-1901 Republican 1888, 1892 1889-1893
William Henry Harrison 1773-1841 Whig 1836, 1840 1841
Rutherford B. Hayes 1822-1893 Republican 1876 1877-1881
William McKinley 1843-1901 Republican 1896, 1900 1843-1901
William H. Taft I 1857-1930 Republican 1908, 1912 1909-1913
Aaron S. Watkins   (Prohibition) 1920  

Vice Presidents of the United States and Candidates

Name Life Dates Party Candidate Served
John W. Bricker 1893-1986 Republican 1944  
Samuel F. Cary   Greenback 1876  
Thomas A. Hendricks 1819-1885 Democratic 1884 1885
Thomas Morris 1776-1844 Liberty 1844  
George H. Pendleton 1825-1889 Democratic 1864  
Allen G. Thurman 1813-1895 Democratic 1888  
Aaron S. Watkins   (Prohibition) 1908, 1912  

Cabinet Secretaries

Name Life Dates Party Offices (with dates of service)
Newton D. Baker 1871-1937 Democratic 1916-1921: Secretary of War
Anthony J. Celebrezze Sr 1910-1998 Democratic 1962-1965: H.E.W. Secretary
Salmon P. Chase 1808-1873 Republican 1861-1864: Treasury Secretary
Thomas Corwin 1794-1865 Whig 1850-1853: Treasury Secretary
William B. Saxbe 1916- Republican 1974-1975: Attorney General
John Sherman 1823-1900 Republican 1877-1881: Treasury Secretary
1897-1898: Secretary of State
Alphonso Taft 1810-1891 Republican 1876: Secretary of War
1876-1877: Attorney General
William H. Taft I 1857-1930 Republican 1904-1908: Secretary of War

United States Ambassadors

Name Life Dates Party Ambassadorship(s) with dates
James E. Akins     1973-1975: Ambassador to Saudi Arabia
Horace N. Allen     1897-1905: Ambassador to Korea
Thomas H. Anderson     1889-1892: Ambassador to Bolivia
John A. Bingham     1873-1885: Ambassador to Japan
Paul M. Boeker     1977-1980: Ambassador to Bolivia
Davis Eugene Boster     1974-1976: Ambassador to Bangladesh
1976-1979: Ambassador to Guatemala
Thomas D. Boyatt     1978-1980: Ambassador to Burkina Faso
1980-1983: Ambassador to Colombia
Ethan Allen Brown 1776-1852 Democratic 1830-1834: Ambassador to Brazil
John A. Bryan     1844-1845: Ambassador to Peru
Charles R. Burrows     1960-1965: Ambassador to Honduras
Patricia M. Byrne     1976-1979: Ambassador to Mali
1979-1983: Ambassador to Burma
John W. Caldwell     1868-1869: Ambassador to Bolivia
Lewis D. Campbell     1866: Sworn in as ambassador to Mexico, but did not serve
David K. Cartter     1861-1862: Ambassador to Bolivia
Richard F. "Dick" Celeste 1937- Democratic 1997-2001: Ambassador to India
William T. Coggeshall     1866-1869: Ambassador to Ecuador
James M. Comley     1877-1882: Ambassador to Hawaii
James Cooley     1826-1828: Ambassador to Peru
Frank P. Corrigan     1934-1937: Ambassador to El Salvador
1937-1939: Ambassador to Panama
1939-1947: Ambassador to Venezuela
Robert Foster Corrigan     1971-1973: Ambassador to Rwanda
Thomas Corwin 1794-1865 Whig 1861-1864: Ambassador to Mexico
Joseph E. Denning     1922-1924: Ambassador to Mongolia
John E. Dolibois     1981-1985: Ambassador to Luxembourg
Edwin Dun     1893-1897: Ambassador to Japan
John Arthur Ferch     1985-1986: Ambassador to Honduras
George H. Flood     1840-1841: Ambasssador to Texas
Joseph C. Green     1952-1953: Ambassador to Jordan
Fred L. Hadsel     1971-1974: Ambassador to Ghana
John Hamm     1831-1833: Ambassador to Chile
Holsey G. Handeyside     1975-1977: Ambassador to Mauretania
Matthew E. Hanna     1929-1933: Ambassador to Nicaragua
1933-1936: Ambassador to Guatemala
William Henry Harrison 1773-1841 Republican 1828-1829: Ambassador to Colombia
Frederick Hassaurek     1861-1866: Ambassador to Ecuador
Myron T. Herrick 1854-1929 Republican 1912-1914, 1921-1929: Ambassador to France
J. Morton Howell     1921-1927: Ambassador to Egypt
J. Klahr Huddle     1947-1949: Ambassador to Burma
Joseph J. Johnson     1918-1922: Ambassador to Liberia
Harmon Elwood Kirby     1990-1994: Ambassador to Togo
Robert C. Kirk     1862-1866: Ambassador to Argentina
1869-1871: Ambassador to Argentina and Uruguay
Paul Knabenshue     1932-1942: Ambassador to Iraq
Foy D. Kohler     1962-1966: Ambassador to Russia
Joseph Saul Kornfeld     1921-1924: Ambassador to Iran (Persia)
Edward S. Little     1974-1976: Ambassador to Chad
Jesse D. Locker     1953-1955: Ambassador to Liberia
Francis B. Loomis     1897-1901: Ambassador to Venezuela
1901-1902: Ambassador to Portugal
Stephen Low     1976-1979: Ambassador to Zambia
1979-1981: Ambassador to Nigeria
Leopold Markbreit     1869-1873: Ambassador to Bolivia
Edwin M. Martin     1964-1968: Ambassador to Argentina
Edward E. Masters     1976-1977: Ambassador to Bangladesh
1977-1981: Ambassador to Indonesia
Donald J. McConnell     1993-1996: Ambassador to Burkina Faso
Tom McDonald     1997-present: Ambassador to Zimbabwe
Roger A. McGuire     1992-1995: Ambassador to Guinea-Bissau
Samuel Medary 1801-1864 Democratic 1853: Sworn in as ambassador to Chile, but did not serve
Lloyd I. Miller     1973-1975: Ambassador to Trinidad and Tobago
Daniel F. Mooney     1914-1921: Ambassador to Paraguay
George W. Morgan     1858-1861: Ambassador to Portugal
William S. Murphy     1843-1844: Ambassador to Texas
Wallace Murray     1935-1936: Ambassador to Iran
Edwin L. Neville     1937-1940: Ambassador to Thailand
R. Henry Norweb     1936-1937: Ambassador to Bolivia
1937-1940: Ambassador to the Dominican Republic
1940-1943: Ambassador to Peru
1943-1945: Ambassador to Portugal
1945-1948: Ambassador to Cuba
Edward F. Noyes 1832-1890 Republican 1877-1881: Ambassador to France
Jefferson Patterson     1956-1958: Ambassador to Uruguay
H. E. Peck     1865-1867: Ambassador to Haiti
George H. Pendleton 1825-1889 Democratic 1885-1889: Ambassador to Germany
Charles J. Pilliod Jr     1986-1989: Ambassador to Mexico
William S. Rosecrans 1819-1898 Republican 1868-1869: Ambassador to Mexico
Charles Sawyer     1944-1945: Ambassador to Belgium and Luxembourg
William B. Saxbe 1916- Republican 1975-1976: Ambassador to India
William E. Schaufele Jr     1969-1971: Ambassador to Burkina Faso
1978-1980: Ambassador to Poland
Robert C. Schenck     1851-1853: Ambassador to Brazil
1870-1876: Ambassador to the United Kingdom
John Seys     1866-1870: Ambassador to Liberia
Wilson Shannon 1802-1877 Democratic 1844-1845: Ambassador to Mexico
William G. Sharp     1914-1919: Ambassador to France
Samuel Shellabarger I     1869-1870: Ambassador to Portugal
Daniel Howard Simpson     1989-1992: Ambassador to the Central African Republic
1995-present: Ambassador to Congo (Kinshasa)
Robert P. Skinner     1931-1933: Ambassador to Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania
1926-1932: Ambassador to Greece
1933-1936: Ambassador to Turkey
Carroll Sprigg     1920-1921: Ambassador to Egypt
John B. Stallo     1885-1889: Ambassador to Italy
David A. Starkweather     1854-1847: Ambassador to Chile
Carl B. Stokes 1927-1996 Democratic 1994-1995: Ambassador to the Seychelles
Bellamy Storer     1899-1902: Ambassador to Spain
1902-1906: Ambassador to Austria
1897-1899: Ambassador to Belgium
Peter J. Sullivan     1867-1869: Ambassador to Colombia
Alphonso Taft 1810-1891 Republican 1882-1884: Ambassador to Austria
1884-1885: Ambassador to Russia
Richard W. Teare     1993-1996: Ambassador to Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands, and Vanuatu
David Tod 1805-1868 Republican 1847-1851: Ambassador to Brazil
Timothy Lathrop Towell     1988-1991: Ambassador to Paraguay
Sandra Louise Vogelgesang     1994-1997: Ambassador to Nepal
Marvin L. Warner     1977-1979: Ambassador to Switzerland
Brand Whitlock     1913-1914: Envoy to Belgium
1919-1921: Ambassador to Belgium
John N. Willys     1930-1932: Ambassador to Poland
Milton A. Wolf     1977-1980: Ambassador to Austria
Jonathan F. Woodside     1835-1841: Ambassador to Denmark

Other Federal Officers

Name Life Dates Party Positions and dates
William H. Taft I 1857-1930 Republican 1901-1904: Civilian Governor of the Philippines
Mary Ellen Withrow   Democratic 1994-2001: U.S. Treasurer

Legislative Branch

= Senate

Presidents Pro Tempore of the United States Senate

Name Life Dates Party Term(s) of service
John Sherman 1823-1900 Republican 1885-1887
Allen G. Thurman 1813-1895 Democratic 1879-1880
Benjamin F. Wade 1800-1878 Republican 1867-1869

Majority Leaders of the United States Senate


Minority Leaders of the United States Senate

Name Life Dates Party Term(s) of service
Robert A. Taft I 1889-1953 Republican 1953

Democratic Leadership Office Holders (whips, conference chairmen, etc.) of the United States Senate

Name Life Dates Term(s) of service
George H. Pendleton 1825-1889 Democratic Conference Chairman: 1881-1885

Republican Leadership Officer Holders (whips, conference chairmen, etc.) of the United States Senate

Name Life Dates Term(s) of service
Harold H. Burton 1888-1964 Republican Conference Secretary: 1944-1945
Simeon D. Fess 1861-1936 Republican Whip: 1929-1933
John Sherman 1823-1900 Republican Conference Chairman: 1884-1885, 1891-1897
Robert A. Taft I 1889-1953 Republican Policy Committee Chairman: 1947-1952

Chairmen of United States Senate Committees

United States Senators and Candidates

Name Life Dates Party Candidate Term(s) of service
Israel Amter     1928s  
Donald E. Babcock   American 1976  
George H. Bender   Republican 1954s, 1956 1954-1957
Gilbert Bettman   Republican 1932  
James E. Betts   Republican 1980  
Mary O. Boyle   Democratic 1998  
John W. Bricker   Republican 1946, 1952, 1958 1947-1959
John Marshall Briley   Republican 1962  
Robert J. Bulkley   Democratic 1930s, 1932, 1938 1930-1933
Thomas A. Burke   Democratic 1954s  
Harold H. Burton   Republican 1940 1941-1946
Theodore E. Burton   Republican 1928s 1928-1929
Theodore S. Celeste   Democratic 2000  
Michael DeWine   Republican 1992, 1994, 2000 1995-present
Michael V. DiSalle   Democratic 1952  
A. Victor Donahey   Democratic 1934 1935-1941
John Eastman   Natural Law 2000  
William Farkas   Socialist Labor 1946, 1958  
Joseph T. Ferguson   Democratic 1950  
Simeon D. Fess   Republican 1922, 1928, 1934 1923-1935
Eric D. Fingerhut   Democratic 2004  
I. O. Ford   Communist 1932  
Emma Lila Fundaburk     1976  
John J. Gilligan   Democratic 1968  
John H. Glenn Jr   Democratic 1974, 1986, 1992 1975-1999
? Goerke   Socialist Labor 1926  
James Goward     1928  
Virginia D. Green     1922  
Martha Kathryn Grevatt     1992  
Kathleen G. Harroff     1974  
Philip Herzing   Libertarian 1982  
James W. Huffman   Democratic 1946  
Graham P. Hunt   Democratic 1928s  
J. Wetherell Hutton     1928  
Joel Z. Hyatt   Democratic 1994  
Richard B. Kay   American Independent 1970, 1974  
Thomas N. Kindness   Republican 1986  
Frank J. Lausche   Democratic 1956, 1962 1957-1963
Cyrus Locher 1878-1929 Democratic   1928
John McAlister   Libertarian 2000  
Roscoe C. McCulloch   Republican 1930s  
John McSweeney   Democratic 1940  
Frank M. Mecartney   (Prohibition) 1932  
Alicia Merel     1982  
Howard M. Metzenbaum   Democratic 1970, 1976, 1982, 1988 1974-1975, 1977-1995
Rick Nagin     1980  
John O'Neill   Socialist Labor 1970, 1976  
Ralph J. Perk   Republican 1974  
Paul E. Pfeifer   Republican 1982  
William G. Pickrel   Democratic 1944  
Atlee Pomerene   Democratic 1922  
John E. Powers     1980  
W. C. Sandberg   Communist 1934  
William B. Saxbe   Republican 1968 1969-1974
Melissa Singler     1976  
Joseph J. Slovenec     1994  
Anna K. Storck     1926  
Henry B. Strong     1926  
Kingsley A. Taft   Republican 1946s 1946-1947
Robert A. Taft I   Republican 1938, 1944, 1950 1939-1953
Robert Taft Jr   Republican 1964, 1970, 1976 1971-1977
Charles V. Truax   Democratic 1928  
Henry P. Webber   Democratic 1946  
Frank B. Willis   Republican 1920, 1926 1920-1928
Joseph Willnecker     1928  
George V. Voinovich   Republican 1988, 1998, 2004 1999-present
Stephen M. Young   Democratic 1958, 1964 1959-1971

= House of Representatives

Speakers of the United States House of Representatives

Name Life Dates Party Term(s) of service
J. Warren Keifer   Republican 1881-1883
Nicholas Longworth 1869-1931 Republican 1925-1931

Majority Leaders of the United States House of Representatives

Name Life Dates Party Term(s) of service
Nicholas Longworth 1869-1931 Republican 1923-1925

Minority Leaders of the United States House of Representatives


Democratic Party Leadership Office Holders (whips, caucus chairmen, etc.) in the United States House of Representatives

Name Life Dates Position (with dates of service)
George W. Geddes   1883-1885: Democratic Caucus Chairman
Edson B. Olds   1853-1855: Democratic Caucus Chairman

Republican Party Leadership Office Holders (whips, conference chairmen, etc.) in the United States House of Representatives

Name Life Dates Position (with dates of service)
John A. Boehner   1995-1999: Republican Conference Chairman
Samuel L. Devine   1979-1981: Republican Conference Chairman
Charles H. Grosvenor   1895-1899: Republican Conference Chairman
Deborah D. Pryce   2003-present: Republican Conference Chairman
Robert C. Schenck   1869-1871: Republican Conference Chairman

Chairmen of United States House of Representatives Committees

United States Representatives and Candidates

Name Life Dates Party Candidate Term(s) of service
James A. Berns   Libertarian 1982, 1992  
J. Kenneth Blackwell   Republican 1990  
Scott A. Breen     1980  
William F. Bowen   Democratic 1978  
Timothy M. Burke   Democratic 1976  
Steve Chabot   Republican 1988, 1994, 1996, 1998, 2000, 2002, 2004 1995-present
John Cranley   Democratic 2000  
John J. Gilligan   Democratic 1964, 1966 1965-1967
Willis D. Gradison Jr   Republican 1974, 1976, 1978, 1980 1975-1981
David A. Groshoff   Libertarian 2000  
Stephen Grote   Republican 1992  
John G. Halley   Natural Law 1996  
Greg Harris   Democratic 2002, 2004  
Carl F. Heiser   Democratic 1968, 1972  
John E. Held   Republican 1982  
William J. Keating   Republican 1970, 1972 1971-1974
Mark P. Longabaugh   Democratic 1996  
Charles J. Luken   Democratic 1990 1991-1993
Thomas A. Luken   Democratic 1974, 1982, 1984, 1986, 1988 1974, 1983-1989
David S. Mann   Democratic 1992, 1994 1993-1995
Christopher L. Martinson     1976  
Joseph E. May     1978  
Fred E. Morr   Republican 1986  
Norman A. Murdock   Republican 1984  
Monica Nolan   Democratic 1962  
W. Ted Osborne   Democratic 1960  
Roxanne Qualls   Democratic 1998  
Carl W. Rich   Republican 1962, 1964 1963-1965
Gordon H. Scherer   Republican 1960 -1963
Richard L. Stevenson   Natural Law 2000  
Robert Taft Jr   Republican 1966, 1968 1967-1971
Bailey W. Turner   Democratic 1970  
Donald J. Zwick   Democratic 1980  

Judicial Branch

Chief Justices of the United States

Name Life Dates Party Term(s) of service
William H. Taft I 1857-1930 Republican 1921-1930

Associate Justices of the United States Supreme Court

Name Life Dates Party Term(s) of service
Harold H. Burton 1888-1964 Republican 1945-1958

Judges of United States Courts of Appeal

Name Life Dates Party Circuit Term(s) of service
Anthony J. Celebrezze Sr   Democratic 6th  

Judges of United States District Courts