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List of official languages
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List of official languages

Table of contents
1 Official languages of sovereign countries
2 Official languages at the level of state or provincial unit only
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Official languages of sovereign countries


Albanian: Arabic: Armenian: Assamese: Azeri: Bahasa Indonesia: Bulgarian: Bengali: Catalan: Cree Chipewyan Croatian Danish Dari: Dogrib/Tli Cho Dutch: Dzongkha: English: Fijian Filipino: Finnish: French: German: Greek: Gwich'in: Haitian Creole is an official language of: Hebrew: Hindi Hungarian: Inuktitut: Inuvialuktun Irish is the first official language of: Italian: Japanese: Kazakh: Khmer: Korean: Lao: Latin: Latvian: Lithuanian: Malay: Māori;: Mandarin Chinese: Moldovan (asserted by nationalists to be distinct from Romanian; most linguists remain skeptical): Motu: Ndebele: Nepali: Northern Sotho: Pashtu: Polish: Portuguese: Punjabi: Romanian: Rhaeto-Romansh: Russian: Sardinian is a partially official language of: Serbian: Sinhala: Slavey: Slovene: Sotho: Spanish: Swahili: Swazi: Swedish: Tamil: Tok Pisin: Tsonga: Tswana: Turkish: Urdu: Venda: Vietnamese: Welsh: Xhosa: Zulu:

Official languages at the level of state or provincial unit only

Aranese: Assamese: Basque: Bengali: Chipewyan: Cree: Dhivehi: Dogrib: Frisian: Telugu: Galician: '' NOTE: Whether Galician is in fact a language, or a dialect of Portuguese, is a matter of debate among linguists.


Gujarati: Hawaiian is an official language in: Inuvialuktun: Kannada: Kashmiri: Kurdish: Malayalam: Marathi: Oriya: '''Rusyn Sanskrit: Sindhi: Slavey: Xhosa: Zulu:

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