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List of occultists
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List of occultists

List of notable occultists and mystics.

This is a list of notable people, whether contemporary, historical or legendary, who are or were involved in any of the following practices and traditions:

The subject is one that has attracted hoaxes, folklore, and tall tales; the inclusion of a person on this list means only that they have been associated with the practice of paranormal magic, but not necessarily that they did practice it.

For a list of sleight of hand artists and practitioners of stage magic, see: List of magicians.

Table of contents
1 Famous magicians:
2 Magical movements, societies, and organisations:
3 Fictional wizards, magicians, and witches:
4 See also

Famous magicians:

Some historical or legendary magicians, wizards, witches, or people who have been claimed to be so, are:

Classical mythology:

Ancient world:

Mediæval Europe:


Enlightenment and early modern period:

Nineteenth century:

Twentieth century:

Magical movements, societies, and organisations:

Rosicrucian Movements:

Other Mystical Movements:

Fictional wizards, magicians, and witches:

See also