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List of number theory topics
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List of number theory topics

This is a list of number theory topics, by Wikipedia page. See also list of cryptology topics.

Table of contents
1 Factors
2 Fractions
3 Modular arithmetic
4 Primality tests and factorization
5 Arithmetic functions
6 Analytic number theory: additive problems
7 Algebraic number theory
8 Quadratic forms
9 L-functions
10 Diophantine equations
11 Diophantine approximation
12 Named primes
13 Pseudo-random numbers
14 History
15 Recreational topics



Modular arithmetic

Primality tests and factorization

Main article:
Computational number theory

Arithmetic functions

Analytic number theory: additive problems

Algebraic number theory

Quadratic forms


Diophantine equations

Diophantine approximation

Named primes

Pseudo-random numbers


Recreational topics

NB Listing here is not pejorative, since many famous topics in number theory have origins in challenging problems posed purely for their own sake. See recreational mathematics.

Number sequences

Prime and related sequences

Magic squares, etc.