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List of Number 1 Hits (USA)
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List of Number 1 Hits (USA)

This is a list of #1 Hits in the United States by year from the Billboard Hot 100. Every chart is on a week-ending (w/e) format. So to find out who had the #1 hit the week you were born, go to the date shown that was after your birthday. For example, if your birthday was on September 26, 1966, go to the first date shown after your birthday, which would be the chart dated October 1, 1966.

Note: Most of the years shown do not have all 52 weeks shown for the purpose of consecutive week runs. Some songs may have dropped out of #1 for a few weeks then gained back to #1.

Pre-Rock n' Roll Era

Rock n' Roll Era/Pre-Hot 100 Era Hot 100 Era