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List of Northwest Territories premiers
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List of Northwest Territories premiers

This is a list of the premiers and Commissioners who held governing power in the Northwest Territories, Canada.

As the NWT has a consensus government, the premier is elected by and from the members of the legislative assembly, who are not divided into parties.

For a full list of commissioners see: List of Northwest Territories commissioners

Frederick W. A. G. Haultain1897-1905
Governing Commissioners
Frederick D. White 1905-1919
William W. Cory 1919-1931
Hugh H. Rowatt 1931-1936
Dr. Charles Camsell 1936-1946
Dr. Hugh L. Keenleyside 1947-1950
Hugh A. Young 1950-1953
R. Gordon Robertson 1953-1963
Bent G. Sivertz 1963-1967
Stuart Milton Hodgson 1967-1979
John Havelock Parker 1979-1980*
George Braden1980-1984
Richard Nerysoo1984-1985
Nick Sibbeston1985-1987
Dennis Patterson1987-1991
Nellie Cournoyea1991-1995
Don Morin1995-1998
James Antoine1998-2000
Stephen Kakfwi2000-2003
Joe Handley2003-


Prior to 1994, the NWT head of government was referred to as Government Leader.

For more lists of this type, see Lists of incumbents.