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List of Newfoundland and Labrador premiers
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List of Newfoundland and Labrador premiers

This is a list of the premiers and Prime Ministers of Newfoundland and Labrador from the granting of responsible government in 1855 through dominion status, the colony joining Canadian confederation in 1949 and up to the modern day.

From 1855 to 1909 the position of first minister was known as Premier. After the colony was granted dominion status in 1907 the position became known as Prime Minister (starting in 1909). Democratic government was suspended in 1934 and replaced by an appointed Commission of Government which ended in 1949 when Newfoundland became a province of Canada. Since the reinstitution of democratic government in 1949 the position of first minister has again been known as Premier.

For governors prior to the establishment of responsible government see governors and lieutenant-governors of Newfoundland.

Table of contents
1 Colonial Premiers
2 Dominion Prime Ministers
3 Chairmen of Commission of Government
4 Premiers of the province of Newfoundland and Labrador

Colonial Premiers

Premier PartyFromTo
Philip Francis LittleLiberal PartyMay 7, 18551858
John KentLiberal Party18581861
Sir Hugh W. HoylesConservative Party1861April 1865
Sir Frederick CarterCoalitionApril 1865Jan 1870
Charles Fox BennettAnti-Confederate PartyJan 1870Jan 31, 1874
Sir Frederick CarterConservative PartyJan 31, 1874April 1878
Sir William WhitewayConservative PartyApril 18781885
Sir Robert ThorburnReform Party18851889
Sir William WhitewayLiberal Party (new, pro-rail party)1889April 11, 1894
Augustus F. GoodridgeTory PartyApril 11, 1894Dec 13, 1894
Daniel J. GreeneLiberal PartyDec 13, 1894Feb 8, 1895
Sir William WhitewayLiberal PartyFeb 8, 1895Oct 1897
Sir James Spearman WinterTory PartyOct 1897March 6, 1900
Sir Robert BondLiberal PartyMarch 6, 1900March 2, 1909

Dominion Prime Ministers

Dominion status granted in 1907.
Prime Minister PartyFromTo
Sir Edward Patrick MorrisNewfoundland People's Party/National Government*March 2, 1909Dec 31, 1917
Sir William F. LloydLiberal Party/National GovernmentJan 5, 1918May 22, 1919
Sir Michael Patrick CashinNewfoundland People's PartyMay 22, 1919Nov 17, 1919
Sir Richard SquiresLiberal Reform PartyNov 17, 1919July 24, 1923
William WarrenLiberal Reform PartyJuly 24, 1923May 10, 1924
Albert HickmancaretakerMay 10, 1924June 9, 1924
Walter Stanley MonroeLiberal-Conservative Progressive PartyJune 9, 1924August 1928
Frederick C. AlderdiceLiberal-Conservative Progressive PartyAugust 1928Nov 17, 1928
Sir Richard SquiresLiberal PartyNov 17, 1928June 1932
Frederick C. AlderdiceUnited Newfoundland PartyJune 1932Jan 30, 1934

(*) A National Government was formed in 1917 due to a wartime crisis over conscription.

Chairmen of Commission of Government

From 1934 to 1949, Newfoundland was ruled by Commission of Government. A six member Commission appointed by Britain, with three British and three Newfoundland appointees. This was done after the Dominion government voted itself out of existence in 1933 due to financial bankruptcy.
1934-1935David Murray Anderson
1936-1946Humphrey T. Walwyn
1946-1949Gordon MacDonald

Premiers of the province of Newfoundland and Labrador

Newfoundland joins Canadian confederation in 1949.
Premier PartyFromTo
Joseph R. SmallwoodLiberalApril 1,1949January 18,1972
Frank D. MooresProgressive ConservativeJanuary 18,1972March 26,1979
Brian PeckfordProgressive ConservativeMarch 26,1979March 22,1989
Thomas RideoutProgressive ConservativeMarch 22,1989May 5,1989
Clyde WellsLiberalMay 5,1989January 26,1996
Brian TobinLiberalJanuary 26,1996October 16,2000
Beaton TulkLiberalOctober 16,2000February 13,2001
Roger GrimesLiberalFebruary 13,2001November 6,2003
Danny WilliamsProgressive ConservativeNovember 6,2003in office

For more lists of this type, see Lists of incumbents.