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List of New Zealand television channels
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List of New Zealand television channels

Provision was first made for the licensing of private radio and television stations in New Zealand by the Broadcasting Act 1976 (see sections 24(1)(g) and 95(1)(f)).

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1 Television New Zealand
2 Private stations
3 Sky
4 Maori Television
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Television New Zealand

However, Television New Zealand (TVNZ) had a monopoly on TV in New Zealand until 1989. Its main channels are:

TVNZ also operated another station on UHF, called Horizon Pacific, which carried programming from BBC World, as well as documentaries, between 1995 and 1997, but this closed and was replaced by a local version of MTV, which itself closed a year later.

Private stations


Private TV channels currently broadcasting generally throughout New Zealand are:

The country's first private TV channel, TV3, experienced serious financial problems before being acquired by Canada's CanWest, which owns the Ten Network in Australia, and part of TV3 in the Republic of Ireland.

Prime Television is now partly owned by Australia's Nine Network.


There are also regional stations, the first being Canterbury Television (CTV) in Christchurch, while in the largest city, Auckland, Triangle provides programming in different languages. There is also Mainland Televison, based in Nelson, offering four channels.


In 1990, Sky Network Television (then unrelated to its UK namesake) launched three pay-TV channels offering movies, sport and news on UHF. In 1999 it launched a multichannel digital satellite TV service, including a music channel called Juice.

Maori Television

A long-planned free-to-air state-supported TV channel, broadcasting partly in Māori;, known as Māori Television;, opened on 28 March 2004. Headquarters are in Newmarket, Auckland.

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