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List of Navy-Vieques protesters and supporters
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List of Navy-Vieques protesters and supporters

The factual accuracy of this article is disputed. See this article's for more information.

Table of contents
1 Famous protesters / arrested / imprisoned
2 Famous supporters
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Famous protesters / arrested / imprisoned

Name Arrest Imprisonment Remarks


Edward James Olmos April 28, 2001 20 days Actor
Paid $3,000 bail
Danny Rivera Yes Few months Singer
Robert Kennedy, Jr April 28, 2001 No Environmentalist lawyer
Paid $3,000 bail
Robi Draco Rosa April 28, 2001 No Singer / Songwriter, former Menudo

Natives of Vieques

Mirta Sanes Rodriguez Yes ? Sister of David Sanes Rodriguez.
Nilda Medina Yes Yes Cause of Vieques leader.
Leader of the Committee for the Rescue and Development of Vieques.
Robert Rabin Yes Several months Cause of Vieques leader.
Leader of the Committee for the Rescue and Development of Vieques.
Tito Kayak Yes One year (plus time served in New York) Found guilty of Criminal Trespassing after escalating the Statue of Liberty in order to place a "Peace for Vieques" sign. Attached himself once with handcuffs to a tank left as scrap on Vieques grounds.

Native fishers of Vieques

Carlos Zenón Yes Yes Cause of Vieques Leader
Ismael Guadalupe Yes Yes  


Damaso Serrano Yes ? Mayor of Vieques at the time
Jose Rivera Yes ? City Council member of New York
Luis Gutierrez Yes Yes United States Representative
Maria De Lourdes Santiago Yes One month PIP party leader, El Nuevo Dia columnist
Norma Burgos Yes Few months Puerto Rican Senator
Nydia Velazquez Yes ? United States Congresswoman
Rafael 'Churumba' Cordero Yes 30 days Mayor of Ponce at the time
Roberto Ramirez Yes ?  
Ruben Berrios Yes No (due to health conditions) Puerto Rican ex-Senator


Al Sharpton Yes ? Reverend
Jacqueline Jackson Yes 10 days [1] Wife of Rev. Jesse Jackson.
Imprisoned after refusing to post a $3,000 bond.
Placed on probation for 1 year.
Was placed in solitary confinement after refusing to be strip searched.
Rey Saliba Gonzalez Yes ? Friar of the Franciscan Cappucino order


Dennis Rivera ? ? New York Labor Leader
Paid $3,000 bail

Famous supporters


Name Remarks


Carlos Delgado All-Star MLB player
Chi Chi Rodriguez Golf player
PGA & Senior Tour Champion
Felix "Tito" Trinidad Boxer
AMB & FIB Junior-Middleweight Champion
Ivan Rodriguez All-Star MLB player
John Ruiz Boxer
NABF & WBA Heavyweight Champion
Juan "Igor" Gonzalez All-Star MLB player
Roberto Alomar All-Star MLB player


Benicio del Toro Actor / Oscar Winner
Jose Feliciano Singer / Composer
Grammy Award Winner
Marc Anthony Singer / Actor
Grammy Award Winner
Martin Sheen Actor
Ricky Martin Singer
Grammy Award Winner

Nobel Prize Laureates / Winners

Dalai Lama Nobel Peace Prize Winner
Oscar Arias Nobel Peace Laureate
Former President of Costa Rica
Rigoberta Menchu Nobel Peace Prize Winner


George Pataki New York Governor

Members of Congress / United States Senatorss

Anibal Acevedo Vila Resident Commissioner of Puerto Rico
Charles Rangel Congressman of New Jersey
Charles Schumer Senator of New York
Edolphus Townes Congressman of New York
Elliot Engle Congressman of New York
Hillary Rodham Clinton Senator of New York
John Corzine Senator of New Jersey
Nancy Pelosi Congresswoman of California
Robert Menendez Congressman of New Jersey


Bob Edgar Executive Director of the National Council of Churches


Fernando Ferrer Bronx Borough President
"King" Hossein Zargaran Peacemaker
Margarita Lopez City Council member of New York



Congressional Hispanic Caucus (United States Congress members), Puerto Rican Independence Party.

Puerto Rican

Friends of Vieques.


All the bishops of Puerto Rico.

Terrorist groups

Los Macheteros.


Cuba's House of the Americas, Local 1199, New Black Panther Party.

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