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List of national parks of Poland
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List of national parks of Poland


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National parks in Poland

There are 23 national parks in Poland:
Name of national parkEstablishedArea (km²)
Babiogorski National Park195433.92
Bialowieski National Park1932105.02
Biebrzanski National Park1993592.23
Bieszczadzki National Park1973292.02
Bory Tucholskie National Park199647.98
Drawienski National Park1990113.42
Gorczanski National Park198170.30
Stolowe Mountains National Park199363.40
Kampinoski National Park1959385.44
Karkonoski National Park195955.75
Magurski National Park1995199.62
Narwianski National Park199673.50
Ojcowski National Park195621.46
Pieninski National Park195423.46
Poleski National Park199097.62
Roztoczanski National Park197484.82
Slowinski National Park1967186.19
Swietokrzyski National Park195076.32
Tatrzanski National Park1954211.64
Ujscie Warty National Park200179.56
Wielkopolski National Park195775.84
Wigierski National Park1989150.85
Wolinski National Park1960109.37

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