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List of national parks of Norway
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List of national parks of Norway

List of Norwegian national parks with date of establishment and area.

National Park County Size km² Established National Park Information Centre Outdoor recreational facilities provided
Børgefjell National Park; Nord-Trøndelag, Nordland 1447 1963 No No
Dovrefjell National Park Oppland, Sør-Trøndelag 256 1974 No Marked trails
Self-service cabin
Femundsmarka National Park Hedmark, Sør-Trøndelag 390 1971 No Marked trails
Cabins and open shelters
Gressåmoen National Park; Nord-Trøndelag 182 1970 No No
Gutulia National Park Hedmark 19 1968 No Marked trails
Hardangervidda National Park Buskerud, Hordaland, Telemark 3422 1981 Hardangervidda Natursenter in Eidfjord Marked trails
Cabins, both full service and self-service
Jostedalsbreen National Park Sogn og Fjordane 1310 1991 Breheimsenteret in Jostedalen, Jostedalsbreen nasjonalparksenter in Oppstryn, Norsk Bremuseum in Fjærland Marked trails and accommodation at camp sites, guest houses and hotels in the valleys outside the park, and at cabins within the park a few hours by foot from the main roads
Jotunheimen National Park Oppland, Sogn og Fjordane 1145 1980 Norsk Fjellmuseum in Lom Marked trails
Cabins, both full service and self-service
Møysalen National Park; Nordland 51,2km2 2003 No
Ormtjernkampen National Park Oppland 9 1968 No No
Rago National Park Nordland 167 1971 No Marked trails
Self-service cabin
Reisa National Park Troms 803 1986 No Riverboat from Bilto/Saraelv.
Marked trails, "Nordkalottruta"
Self-service cabins
Rondane National Park Hedmark, Oppland 580 1962 No Marked trails
Tourist association chalets and private cabins
Saltfjellet-Svartisen National Park Nordland 2105 1989 No Marked trails
Cabins, also self-service cabins
Stabbursdalen National Park Finnmark 98 1970 Stabbursnes naturhus og museum in Indre Billefjord Marked trails
Open cabin
Øvre Anarjohka National Park; Finnmark 1399 1975 No No
Øvre Dividal National Park; Troms 743 1971 No Marked trails

Self-service cabins

Øvre Pasvik National Park; Finnmark 119 1970 No No
Ånderdalen National Park; Troms 69 1970 No No

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