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List of Muslims
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List of Muslims

This page is an incomplete list of prominent and famous (or infamous) people who are Muslims - followers of Islam. It includes many historical and modern personalities, and is very much under construction. Until it is more complete, :The neutrality of this article is disputed. Please help.

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Table of contents
1 People associated with Islam
2 Historical Figures
3 Artists
4 Scientists and Mathematicians
5 Athletes
6 (Freedom) Fighters, Military activists and suspected terrorists
7 Other

People associated with Islam

Traditional Theologians and Philosophers

See also early Muslim philosophy, Islamic philosophy

Shia Imams (main shia Theologians and Philosophers after the Prophet)

See: List of Shia Imams

Main Sunni Theologians and Philosophers after the Prophet

Other Theologians and Philosophers

See also modern Islamic philosophy, Islamization of knowledge

Historiographers and sociologists

See also Islamic economics, The Muqadimmah, and isnad

Historical Figures

Early historic personalities

Ottoman Empire Rulers

See: Osmanli Dynasty

Military Leaders and Figures

Muslim dynasties



Writers and Poets


Scientists and Mathematicians

See also list of inventions by Muslims, Islamic science


(Freedom) Fighters, Military activists and suspected terrorists

These men have often been called "terrorists" by the U.S. and their allies. Many regard a portion or all of these men as freedom fighters. The term to describe them is disputed.


See also: List of people by belief, list of Islamic terms in Arabic