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List of municipalities of the Prefecture of Achaea
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List of municipalities of the Prefecture of Achaea

The following represents a list of municipalites in Achaea (Achaia)

MunicipalityGreek NameSizePopulationSeat
City of PatrasΔήμος Πατρέως Démos Patréosaround 150 km²around 160,000Patras
Municipality of DiacoptonDémos Diakoptouaround 1,000Diacoptonless than 70km²
Municipality of DymeΔήμος Δύμης D[é]mos Dýmesaround 100 to 125 km²around 9,000Kato Achaia
Municipality of KalavrytaΔήμος Καλαβρύτων Démos Kalavrýtonaround 100 km²around 2,000Kalávryta
Municipality of LarissosΔήμος Λαρισσού Démos Larissoúaround 100 km²around 2,000 to 2,500Lappa
Municipality of Messatidi/MesatidiΔήμος Μεσσατίδος Démos Messatídosaround 100 km²around 11,000Ovryá
Municipality of MovriΔήμος Μόβρης Démos Móvrisaround 100 km²around 4,000Riólos area
Municipality of ParaliaΔήμος Παραλίας Démos Paralíasaround 25 km²around 4,000 to 5,000Paralía (Patras Beach)
Municipality of RhionΔήμος Ρίου Démos Rhíouaround 6,000 to 8,000around 100 km²Rhion
Municipality of VrachneikaΔήμος Βραχνέικων Démos Vrachneíkonaround 50 to 60 km²around 6,000Vrachnéika

Note: Not all municipalites are on the list. Just a portion of the municipalities are on this list.

City of Patras: 160,000

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