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List of municipalities in the Prefecture of Elia
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List of municipalities in the Prefecture of Elia

These are the list of minicipalites in the prefecture of Elia

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The seat of the prefecture, some call it a province are listed first. Others are listed last.
MunicipalityGreek NameSeat
Municipality of PyrgosΔήμος Πύργου Démos PýrgouPyrgos
Municipality of Amaliada (Amalias)Δήμος Αμαλιάδος Demos AmaliadosAmaliada or Amalias
Municipality of AndravidaΔήμος Ανδραβίδας Demos AndravidasAndravida
Municipality of AndritsainaΔήμος Ανδριτσαινας/ων?''Demos AndritsainonAndrítsaina
Municipality of Gastoúni;Δήμος Γαστούνη Démos GastoúnisGastoúni
Municipality of LechainaΔήμος Λεχαινών Démos Lechain[ó]nLechainá
Municipality of VouprasiaΔήμος Βουπρασίας ''Démos VouprasíasVárda
Municipality of ZacharoDémos ZácharonZácharo

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Municipality of Pyrgos: 28,000
  • Municipality of Amalias: 12,500
  • or 4th Municipality of Lechaina: 6,000