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List of Mumbai telecom companies
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List of Mumbai telecom companies

Telecom Operators in Mumbai The city has basic landline operators as well as Cell phone operators. Land line numbers are 8 digits long, whereas GSM cellular operators are 10 digits.

Table of contents
1 Land Line
2 Cell Phone Operators

Land Line

Cell Phone Operators

Ever since cellular technology was opened up in India in the mid 90's, Mumbai has been in the forefront of the action. The city has over 3 million suscribers. Cellular operators are divided in the
GSM and CDMA operators.

GSM Operators


CDMA operations make use of Wireless Local Loop (WLL). CDMA operations were launched in 2002.

Tata and Reliance also offer a land line hybrid phone. The phone is like a normal instrument, but instead of the phone cable it has an antenna which connects to the network like any mobile phone. Internet connection also is possible though this via dialup.