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List of Mumbai stations
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List of Mumbai stations

There are two main railway systems in Mumbai (Bombay). The Central Railway and the Western Railway. Here are the list of stops for both systems. Jn refers to a junction. Names in bold indicate that the station is a fast train stop. Dadar is the common junction between The WR and CR (Main) Kurla is the junction between the two Central railway branches. Matunga and Matunga Road are separate stations and should not be confused as a junction between the WR & CR. Stations listed below are from South to North (down).

Table of contents
1 Western Railway
2 Central Railway (Main)
3 Central Railway (Harbour Line)

Western Railway

The Western Railway operates along the western part of the city. It is the only Indian Railway branch that makes a profit. Here are the list of stations along the WR. Slow trains operate from Churchgate to Borivilli. Fast trains continue uptil Virar.

Central Railway (Main)

(At Kalyan the line splits into Kasara (north bound) and Khopoli (south bound) traffic.

Towards Kasara

Towards Khopoli

From Diva Junction to Vasai

Central Railway (Harbour Line)

(At Wadala the line splits)

Towards New Bombay

Towards Andheri