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List of multiple capitals
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List of multiple capitals

There follows a list of countries that have multiple capital cities.

More than one capital today

These countries (nation-states to be precise) have multiple capitals today.
Countries having more than one capital
Country Capitals Details
Bolivia La Paz Administrative & legislative capital
Sucre Judicial capital
Chile Santiago Judicial & administrative
Valparaiso Legislative
Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Legislative
Putrajaya Administrative
Netherlands Amsterdam Official (in the Constitution)
The Hague Administrative
Serbia and Montenegro Belgrade Administrative & legislative
Podgorica Judicial
South Africa Pretoria Administrative
Cape Town Legislative
Bloemfontein Judicial
Sri Lanka Colombo Administrative
Sri Jayewardenepura Kotte Legislative

Some people also argue that Tokyo and Kyoto are both capitals of Japan at present. See capital of Japan debate.

The capital of Israel is currently disputed. Israel designates Jerusalem, but many countries and the United Nations recognize Tel Aviv. Tel Aviv served as the temporary de facto capital of Israel from May to December 1948. See Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Israel.

Moved capitals

These countries have shifted their capitals.

See List of historical national capitals

Two capitals in the past

These current countries have had two cities that served as administrative capitals at the same time due to various reasons such as war, partition etc.
Two cities serving as a capital
Country Years Capitals Details
China 1853-1864 Beijing Qing Dynasty (Manchu Dynasty)
Nanjing Taiping Heavenly Kingdom
France 1940-1944 Paris Occupied France (German Occupied northern France)
Vichy French State (German Puppet Government of French Conservatives)
Germany 1945-1990s Berlin East Germany
Bonn West Germany
India 1912-1947 Delhi Winter capital
Simla Summer capital
United States of America 1861-1865 Washington DC The United States of America ("the Union")
Richmond The Confederate States of America
Vietnam 1954-1976 Hanoi Democratic Republic of Vietnam (North Vietnam) 1940-present
Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) Republic of Vietnam (South Vietnam)
Yemen 1967-1990 Sana North Yemen
Aden South Yemen

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