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List of mountains on Io
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List of mountains on Io

Io's surface is covered in volcanoes and mountains. The larger ones are named after prominent figures from the mythological travels of Io, or the gods of sun and fire in various world mythologies. Here is a list of those mountains and volcanoes that have names.

See also the list of paterae on Io and the list of geological features on Io.

Mountain Named after
Bo÷saule Montes Bo÷saule (Greek)
Caucasus Mons Caucasus
Crimea Mons Crimea
Dorian Montes Dorian
Egypt Mons Egypt
Euboea Montes Euboea
Euxine Mons Euxine
Gish Bar Montes Gish Bar (Babylonian)
Haemus Montes Haemus (Greek)
Hi'iaka Montes Hi'iaka (Hawaiian)
Ionian Mons Ionia
Monan Mons Monan (Brazilian)
Mongibello Mons Mount Etna
Nile Montes Nile
Ot Mons Ot (Mongolian)
Pillan Mons Pillan (Araucanian)
Rata Mons Rata (Maori)
Seth Mons Seth (Egyptian)
Shamshu Mons Shamsu (Arabian)
Silpium Mons Silpium (Greek)
Skythia Mons Skythia (Greek)
Tohil Mons Tohil (Mayan)
Zal Montes Zal (Iranian)

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