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List of motors of WW2 Luftwaffe Aircraft
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List of motors of WW2 Luftwaffe Aircraft

This is a list of all German Motors including all aircraft engines, rocket motors, jets and any other powerplants, along with a very basic description.

The RLM used an internal designation system that included a number signifying the engine type, 9 for piston engines and 109 for jets and rockets, followed by a manufacturer's code. Each company was assigned a block of numbers for their designs:

Using this system the famous BMW engine used in the Focke-Wulf Fw 190 would be known as the 9-801. However this system was not widely used, even within the RLM, and a common name consisting of th manufacturer's name (often abbreviated) followed by the model number was much more common. The list below uses the common BMW 801 instead of the official 9-801.

Engines produced before the RLM's designation system was set up are often listed using the same basic terminology. So while the interwar Argus 10 engine can be referred to as the As 10, it is not correct to call it the 9-10, this designation was never applied.

(incomplete listings)

Notable engines:

BMW 003 BMW 801 Walter HWK 109-509

Table of contents
1 Piston Engines (Motors):
2 Jet and Rocket Engines:
3 Related:

Piston Engines (Motors):

Argus Motoren

Bayerische Motorenwerke



Hirth Motoren and Heinkel-Hirth

Junkers Motoren

Jet and Rocket Engines:

(Rocket engines, turboprops, turbojets, and other non-piston engines included)
For the Last three digits: 001-499 Air Breathing, 500-999 Non-Air Breathing (Rockets)


(turbojets, turboprops, pulsejets, .... )


(non-air breathing engines: liquid fuel rocket, solid fuel rocket) Other


(note: orginzational standards for listings are sill in flux)

See also: turbojet, turboprop, pulsejet, rocket, motor, internal combustion engine, WW2

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