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List of monarchs of Wessex
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List of monarchs of Wessex

This is a list of monarchs of Wessex until 924. For later monarchs, see the list of British monarchs. While the details of the later monarchs are confirmed by a number of sources, the earlier ones are in many cases obscure.

This was a time when spellings varied widely, even within a document. A number of variations of the details below exist. Amongst these are the preference between ž and š (hard and soft 'th').

The character '7' was used as represent ampersand '&' in contemporary Anglo-Saxon writings.

Monarchs of the West Saxons (Wessex)

Reign Incumbent Notes
The Kingdom of the Gewissae
Cerdic Dynasty
519 to 534 Cerdic Cerdic Elesing Gevvissę Cyning
Cerdic Rex Gevvissę
534 to 560 Cynric Cynric Cerdicing Gevvissę Cyning
Cynric Rex Gevvissę
560 to 591 Ceawlin Ceawlin Cynricing Gevvissę Cyning
Ceawlin Rex Gevvissę
591 to 597 Ceol Ceol Cužing Gevvissę Cyning
Ceol Rex Gevvissę
597 to 611 Ceolwulf Ceolvvulf Cužing Gevvissę Cyning
Ceolvvulf Rex Gevvissę
611 to 643 Cynegils Cynegils Ceoling Gewissę Cyning
Cynegils Rex Gevvissę
c.626 to 636 Cwichelm Cvvichelm Cynegilsing Gevvissę Cyning
Cvvichelm Rex Gewissę
643 to 645 Cenwalh Cenwalh Cynegilsing Gewissę Cyning
Cenwalh Rex Gewissę
Mercian Dynasty
645 to 648 Penda Penda Pybbing Miercna 7 Gewissę Cyning
Penda Rex Miercna et Gewissę
The Kingdom of the West Saxons
Cerdic Dynasty
648 to 674 Cenwalh Cenwalh Cynegilsing WestSeaxe Cyning
Cenwalh Rex Saxonum Occidentalium
Restored; reigned jointly with his wife Queen Seaxburh 672 to 674
672 to 674 Queen Seaxburh Seaxburg WestSeaxe Cuen
Seaxburh Regina Saxonum Occidentalium
Reigned jointly with her husband Cenwalh until his death 674
674 to 674 Cenfus Cenfus Cenferžing WestSeaxe Cyining
Cenfus Rex Saxonum Occidentalium
674 to 676 Aescwine Ęscvvine Cenfusing WestSeaxe Cyning
Ęscvvine Rex Saxonum Occidentalium
676 to 685 Centwine Centvvine Cynegilsing WestSeaxe Cyning
Centvvine Rex Saxonum Occidentalium
Deposed by Caedwalla
685 to 688 Caedwalla Cędvvalla Cenbryhting WestSeaxe Cyning
Cędvvalla Rex Saxonum Occidentalium
Usurper; abdicated
688 to 726 Ine
Ine Cenreding WestSeaxe Cyning
Ine Rex Saxonum Occidentalium
726 to 740 Aethelheard Ęželheard WestSeaxe Cyning
Ęželheard Rex Saxonum Occidentalium
740 to 756 Cuthred Cužred WestSeaxe Cyning
Cužred Rex Saxonum Occidentalium
756 to 757 Sigeberht Sigebryht WestSeaxe Cyning
Sigebryht Rex Saxonum Occidentalium
Deposed (and killed?) by Cynewulf
757 to 786 Cynewulf Cynevvulf WestSeaxe Cyning
Cynevvulf Rex Saxonum Occidentalium
Assassinated by Cyneheard, brother of Sigeberht
786 to 802 Beorhtric Beorhtric WestSeaxe Cyning
Beorhtric Rex Saxonum Occidentalium
802 to 839 Egbert Ecgbryht Ealhmunding WestSeaxe Cyning
Ecgbryht Rex Saxonum Occidentalium
839 to 856 Ethelwulf Ęželvvulf Ecgbryhting WestSeaxe Cyning
Ęželvvulf Rex Saxonum Occidentalium
856 to 860 Ethelbald Ęželbald Ęželvvulfing WestSeaxe Cyning
Ęželbald Rex Saxonum Occidentalium
860 to 865 Ethelbert Ęželbryht Ęželvvulfing WestSeaxe Cyning
Ęželbryht Rex Saxonum Occidentalium
865 to 871 Ethelred Ęželred Ęželvvulfing WestSeaxe Cyning
Ęželred Rex Saxonum Occidentalium
878 to 899 Ælfred the Great; Ælfred Ęželvvulfing še Great WestSeaxe Cyning;
Ælfred Magnus Rex Saxonum Occidentalium;
899 to 925 Edward the Elder Eadvveard Ęlfreding še Eldra WestSeaxe Cyning
Eadvveard Rex Saxonum Occidentalium
925 to 927 Athelstan Ęželstan Eadvvearding WestSeaxe Cynning
Ęželstan Rex Saxonum Occidentalium
became the first king of a united England

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