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List of monarchs of Sussex
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List of monarchs of Sussex

This is a list of the kings of the Anglo-Saxon kingdom of Sussex. Many of the dates of this time are unreliable and the list contains substantial gaps. The genealogy of the Kings has been largely lost: some of those listed are known only from charters, and some may have been sub-kings of the Haestingas, present-day East Sussex.

This was a time when spellings varied widely, even within a document. A number of variations of the details below exist. Amongst these are the preference between ■ and ­ (hard and soft 'th').

Kings of the South Saxons

Reign Incumbent Notes
c.477 to 491 or later Aelle Ălle Su■Seaxna Cyning
Ălle Rex Saxonum Australium
fl.500 Cissa Cissa Ălling Su■Seaxna Cyning
Cissa Rex Saxonum Australium
?500 to ante674 unknown kings
ante674 to c.685 Aethelwalh
Ă■elvvalh Su■Seaxna Cyning
Ă■elvvalh Rex Saxonum Australium
Killed in battle by Caedwalla, King of Wessex
fl.685 Berthun Ber■un Su■Seaxna Cyning
Ber■un Rex Saxonum Australium
fl.685 Andhun Andhun Su■Seaxna Cyning
Andhun Rex Saxonum Australium
685 to 686 Eadric Eadric Ecgbryhting Su■Seaxna Cyning
Eadric Rex Saxonum Australium
?Eadric, King of Kent
Kings of Sussex subject to Wessex (c.686 to 726)
fl.692 to 725 Nothelm
No■elm Su■Seaxna Cyning
No■elm Rex Saxonum Australium
fl.692 to 725 Watt VVatt Su■Seaxna Cyning
VVatt Rex Saxonum Australium
Possibly under-king
fl.714 Aethelstan Ă■elstan Su■Seaxna Cyning
Ă■elstan Rex Saxonum Australium
c.725 to c.750 Aethelbert Ă■elbryht Su■Seaxna Cyning
Ă■elbryht Rex Saxonum Australium
c.758 to c.772 Osmund Osmund Su■Seaxna Cyning
Osmund Rex Saxonum Australium
'''Kings of the South Saxons dependent on Mercia
fl.772 Oswald Osvvald Su■Seaxna Cyning
Osvvald Rex Saxonum Australium
fl.772 Oslac Oslac Su■Seaxna Cyning
Oslac Rex Saxonum Australium
c.772 to c.791 Ealdwulf Ealdvvulf Su■Seaxna Cyning
Ealdvvulf Rex Saxonum Australium
fl.790's Aelfwald Ălfvvald Su■Seaxna Cyning
Ălfvvald Rex Saxonum Australium

By the end of the 8th Century the Sussex's existence as an independent kingdom had ended.

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