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List of monarchs of Mercia
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List of monarchs of Mercia

A list of the Kings etc. of the Anglo-Saxon Kingdom of Mercia

This was a time when spellings varied widely, even within a document. A number of variations of the details below exist. Amongst these are the preference between ş and ğ (hard and soft 'th').

The character '7' was used as represent ampersand '&' in contemporary Anglo-Saxon writings.

Kings of the Mercians

Reign Incumbent Notes
c.585 to 593 Creoda Creoda Cynevvalding Miercna Cyning
Creoda Rex Mercia
593 to c.606 Pybba Pybba Creoding Miercna Cyning
Pybba Rex Mercia
606 to 626 Ceorl Ceorl Miercna Cyning
Ceorl Rex Mercia
626 to 655 Penda Penda Pybbing Miercna Cyning
Penda Rex Mercia
655 to 656 Peada Peada Pending Miercna Cyning
Peada Rex Mercia
Killed in battle by Oswiu, King of Northumbria
'''Northumbrian Dynasty
direct rule 656 to 659 Oswiu Osvviu Æşelfrişing Norşanhymbra 7 Miercna Cyning
Osvviu Rex
Mercian Dynasty
659 to 675 Wulfhere VVulfhere Pending Miercna Cyning
VVulfhere Rex Mercia
675 to 704 '''Aethelred Æşelred Pending Miercna Cyning
Æşelred Rex Mercia
Abdicated to become a monk
704 to 709 Cenred Coenred VVulfhering Miercna Cyning
Coenred Rex Mercia
709 to 716 Ceolred Ceolred Æşelreding Miercna Cyning
Ceolred Rex Mercia
716 to 757 Ethelbald Æşelbald Alvvihing
Æşelbald Rex Mercia
Æşelbald Rex Britanniæ
757 Beornrad Beornred Miercna Cyning
Beornred Rex Mercia
Killed by Offa, King of Mercia
757 to 796 Offa Offa Şincferşing Miercna Cyning
Offa Rex Mercia
Offa Rex Anglorum
Joint-king with his son Ecgfrith
787 to 14/17 December 796 Ecgfrith Ecgfriş Offing Miercna Cyning
Ecgfriş Rex Mercia
Joint-king with his father Offa
December 796 to 821 Cenwulf Coenvvulf Cuşbryhting Miercna Cyning
Coenvvulf Rex Mercia
821 to 821 Cenelm Coenelm Miercna Cyning
Cenelm Rex Mercia
821 to 823 Ceolwulf I Ceolvvulf Cuşbryhting Miercna Cyning
Ceolvvulf Rex Mercia
Deposed and exiled
823 to 825 Beornwulf Beortvvulf Miercna Cyning
Beortvvulf Rex Mercia
Defeated by Egbert, King of Wessex and killed by the East Angles later that year
826 to 827 Ludeca Ludecan Miercna Cyning
Ludecan Rex Mercia
827 to 829 Wiglaf VViglaf Miercna Cyning
VViglaf Rex Mercia
Wessex Dynasty
829 to 830 Egbert of Wessex Ecgbryht Ealhmunding VVestSeaxe 7 Est Seaxe 7 SuşSeaxe 7 Cantvvare 7 Miercna Cyning
Ecbright Rex Saxonum Orientalium et Saxonum Occidentalium et Saxonum Australium et Cantvvarum et Miercia
Mercian Dynasty
830 to 840 Wiglaf VViglaf Miercna Cyning
VViglaf Rex Mercia
840? to 840? Wigstan VVigstan Miercna Cyning
VVigstan Rex Mercia
840 to 852 Beorhtwulf Beorhtvvulf Miercna Cyning
Beorhtvvulf Rex Mercia
Defeated by invading Danes; fate uncertain, traditionally killed
852 to 874 Burgred
Burgred Miercna Cyning
Burgred Rex Mercia
Expelled by Danes
873 to 879 Ceolwulf II Ceolvvulf Miercna Cyning
Ceolvvulf Rex Mercia
Puppet king set up by the Danes in East Mercia
879 to 911 Aethelred Æşelred As ealdorman of Anglo-Saxon West Mercia under the King of Wessex
911 to 918 Ethelfleda Eşelfleda "Lady of the Mercians" under the King of Wessex
918 to 919 Aelfwynn Ælfvvynn''' Joint "Lady of the Mercians" under the King of Wessex

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