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List of modern weapons
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List of modern weapons

Table of contents
1 Small Arms (Pistols)
2 Small Arms (Rifles)
3 Small Arms (Shotguns)
4 Small Arms (Cannons)
5 Small Arms (Machine-guns)
6 Small Arms (Explosive)
7 Artillery
8 Aircraft
9 Armored Cavalry
10 Naval
11 Explosives
12 Electronic
13 Non-lethal weapons
14 Provisional weapons
15 See Also

Small Arms (Pistols)

Small Arms (Rifles)

Small Arms (Shotguns)

Small Arms (Cannons)

Small Arms (Machine-guns)

Small Arms (Explosive)



See also list of aircraft for individual aircraft types and list of aircraft weapons for munitions carried by aircraft]]

Armored Cavalry




Non-lethal weapons

Provisional weapons

See Also

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