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List of mnemonics
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List of mnemonics

This article contains a list of some common verbal mnemonics.

Most of these mnemonics consist of a simple phrase in which the first letter of each word either spells something out, or matches the first word of some sequence.

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Science and math

and by the verse

Now I will a rhyme construct
By chosen words the young instruct;
Cunningly devised endeavour!
Con it and remember ever.
Widths in circle here you see
Sprawled out in strange obscurity.


Note: ''medical students have developed far too many medical mnemonics over the years to list; only a sample is given here.

(Most others are equally vulgar.)


Willie Willie Harry Stee (William I, William II, Henry I, Stephen)
Harry Dick John Harry three; (Henry II, Richard I, John, Henry III)
One two three Neds, Richard two (Edward I, Edward II, Edward II, Richard II)
Harrys four five six, then who? (Henry IV, Henry V, Henry VI)
Edwards four five, Dick the bad, (Edward IV, Edward V, Richard III)
Harrys (twain), Ned six (the lad); (Henry VII, Henry VIII, Edward VI)
Mary, Bessie, James you ken, (Mary I, Elizabeth I, James I)
Then Charlie, Charlie, James again... (Charles I, Charles II, James II)
Will and Mary, Anna Gloria, (William II, Mary II, Anne)
Georges four, Will four, Victoria; (George I-IV, William IV, Victoria)
Edward seven next, and then (Edward VII)
Came George the fith in nineteen-ten; (George V)
Ned the eighth soon abdicated (Edward VIII)
Then George six was coronated; (George VI)
After which Elizabeth (Elizabeth II)
Has the throne, until her death


Thirty days hath September,
April June and November,
All the rest have thirty-one,
Except February has twenty-eight.

(sometimes September and November are interchanged). A more complete version goes something like

Thirty days hath September,
April June and November,
All the rest have thirty-one,
Except February alone,
Which has eight and a score,
Until leap year gives it one more

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