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List of ministries of Thailand
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List of ministries of Thailand

The new structure of the Thai government under the 2002 Restructuring of Government Agencies Act comprises 20 ministries, as follows:

  1. Prime Ministerís Office
  2. Ministry of Defence
  3. Ministry of Finance
  4. Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  5. Ministry of Tourism and Sports
  6. Ministry of Social Development and Human Security
  7. Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives
  8. Ministry of Transport
  9. Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment
  10. Ministry of Information and Communication Technology
  11. Ministry of Energy
  12. Ministry of Commerce
  13. Ministry of Interior
  14. Ministry of Justice
  15. Ministry of Labor
  16. Ministry of Culture
  17. Ministry of Science and Technology
  18. Ministry of Education
  19. Ministry of Public Health
  20. Ministry of Industry

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