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List of ministers of the environment
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List of ministers of the environment

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North and Central America

Country Minister Incumbency Title
Antigua and Barbuda
The Bahamas Marcus Bethel Minister of health and the environment
Barbados Elizabeth Thompson Minister of housing, lands, and environment
Belize John Briceno Minister of natural resources, the environment, commerce, and industry
Bermuda Neletha Butterfield Minister of environment


Minister Incumbency Under Title
Jack Davis 1971-06-11/1974-08-07 Trudeau Minister of the environment
Jeanne Sauvé 1974-08-08/1975-12-04
Roméo LeBlanc 1975-12-05/1976-01-21 Acting minister of the environment
Jean Marchand 1976-01-22/1976-06-30 Minister of the environment
Roméo LeBlanc 1976-07-01/1976-09-13 Acting minister of the environment
Roméo LeBlanc 1976-09-14/1979-04-01 Minister of the environment
Leonard Marchand 1979-04-02/1979-06-03
John Fraser 1979-06-04/1980-03-02 Clark
John Roberts 1980-03-03/1983-08-11 Trudeau
Charles Caccia 1983-08-12/1984-06-29
1984-06-30/1984-09-16 Turner
Suzanne Blais-Grenier 1984-09-17/1985-08-19 Mulroney
Tom McMillan 1985-08-20/1988-12-07
Lucien Bouchard 1988-12-08/1989-01-29 Acting minister of the environment
Lucien Bouchard 1989-01-30/1990-05-21 Minister of the environment
Frank Oberle 1990-05-21/1990-05-22 Acting minister of the environment
Robert de Cotret 1990-05-22/1990-09-19
Robert de Cotret 1990-09-20/1991-04-20 Minister of the environment
Jean Charest 1991-04-21/1993-06-24
Pierre Vincent 1993-06-25/1993-11-03 Campbell
Sheila Copps 1993-11-04/1996-01-24 Chrétien
Sergio Marchi 1996-01-25/1997-06-10
Christine Stewart 1997-06-11/1999-08-02
David Anderson 1999-08-03/2003-12-12
2003-12-12/2004-07-19 Martin
Stéphane Dion 2004-07-20/

Country Minister Incumbency Title
Costa Rica Carlos Manuel Rodriguez Minister of environment and energy
Cuba Rosa Elena Simeon Negrin Minister of science, technology, and environment
Dominica Ambrose George Minister of agriculture and the environment
Dominican Republic Frank Moya Pons Secretary of state for the environment and natural resources
El Salvador Walter Jokisch Minister of environment and natural resources
Guatemala Salazar Tezaguic, Manuel Minister of the environment and natural resources
Haiti Roland Pierre Minister of planning, environment, and exterior cooperation
Honduras Patricia Panting Minister of natural resources and environment
Jamaica Dean Peart Minister of lands and environment

South America

Country Minister Incumbency Title
Brazil Marina Silva Minister of environment
Colombia Sandra Suarez Perez Minister of environment, housing, and territorial development
Ecuador Cesar Alfonso Narvaez Minister of environment
Grenada Clarice Modeste-Curwen Minister of health and environment



Country Minister Incumbency Title
Algeria Cherif Rahmani Minister of environment
Angola Virgilio Fontes Pereira Minister of environment and urban development
Benin Luc Gnacadja Minister of environment, housing, and urban affairs
Burkina Faso Dakar Djibrill Minister of environment
Burundi Albert Mbonerane Minister of land management, environment, and tourism
Cameroon Clarkson Noben Tanyi-Mbianyor Minister of environment and forests
Cape Verde Maria Madalena Neves Minister of environment, agriculture, and fisheries
Central African Republic Joseph Ki Tiki Kouamba Minister of environment
Chad Djimrangar Dadnadji Minister of environment and water resources
Democratic Republic of the Congo Anselme Enerunga Minister of environment
Republic of the Congo Michel Mampouya Minister of industry, mines, and environment
Côte d'Ivoire Angele Gnonsoa Minister of environment
Djibouti Abdallah Adillahi Miguil Minister of housing, town planning, environment, and national and regional development
Souleiman Omar Oudine Minister of urban planning, housing, environment, national, and regional development
Egypt Mamdouh Riyadh Tadros Minister of environment
Nadia Riad Makram Ebeid Minister of state for environment affairs
Equatorial Guinea Teodoro Nguema Obiang Minister of state for forestry, fishing, and environment
Minister of forestry and environment
Eritrea Ghebremariam Weldenkeil Minister of land, water, and environment
Gabon Emile Doumba Minister of forest economy, water, fishing, in charge of the environment
The Gambia Susan Waffa-Ogoo Secretary of state for fisheries, natural resources, and environment
Ghana Kasim Kasanga Minister of science and environment
Guinea Alpha Mady Soumah Minister of mining, geology, and environment
Kenya Newton Kulundu Minister for environment, natural resources, and wildlife
Lesotho Lebohang Ntsinyi Minister of tourism, environment, and culture

South Africa

Minister Incumbency Under Title
LA Pienaar 1990-12/1992-05 De Klerk Minister of national education and environmental affairs
... 1992-05/1994-05
Dawie de Villiers 1994-05/ Mandela Minister of environmental affairs and tourism
Pallo Jordan 1996-05/
Valli Moosa /2004-04-29 Mbeki
Marthinus van Schalkwyk 2004-04-29/

Country Minister Incumbency Title



Country Minister Incumbency Title
Afghanistan Ahmad Yusuf Nuristani Minister of irrigation and environment
Armenia Vartan Ayvazyan Minister of environment
Bangladesh Shahjahan Siraj Minister of environment and forest
Cambodia Mok Maret Minister of environment
China, Hong Kong Sarah Liao Minister of environment, transport, and works
China (People's Republic of)
East Timor Mari Bin Amude Alkatiri Minister for development and the environment
India Shri T.R. Baalu 1999-10-13/ Minister of environment and forests
Indonesia Nabiel Makarim State minister of environmental affairs
Iran Masumeh Ebtekar Vice president for environmental protection
Iraq Mishkat al-Mumin Minister of environment
Japan Yuriko Koike Minister of Environment
Jordan Alia Hattough-Bouran Minister of environment
Myanmar (Burma)
Georgia Tamar Lebanidze Minister of environment
Israel Yehudit Naot Minister of environment
Kazakhstan Aytkul Samakova Minister of environmental protection
Lebanon Fares Boueiz Minister of environment
North Korea Il-son Chang Minister of land and environment protection
Taiwan (Republic of China)
South Korea Kyul-ho Kwak Minister of environment


Country Minister Incumbency Title
Albania Ethem Ruka Minister of environment
Andorra Olga Adellach Coma Minister of agriculture and the environment
Austria Josef Proell Minister of agriculture, forestry, environment, and water management
Belarus Leontiy Khorovzhik Minister of natural resources and environmental protection
Belgium Freya Van den Bossche Minister of environment, consumer protection, and sustainable development
Bosnia and Herzegovina Ramiz Mehmedagic Minister of urban planning and environment - Federation government
Mensur Sehagic Minister of urban planning, environment, and construction - Republika Srpska
Bulgaria Dolores Arsenova Minister of environment and water
Croatia Marina Matulovic Dropulic Minister of environmental protection, physical planning, and construction
Cyprus Efthymios Efthymiou Minister of agriculture, natural resources, and environment
Czech Republic Libor Ambrozek Minister of environment
Denmark Hans Christian Schmidt Minister for environment
Estonia Villu Reiljan Minister of environment
France Serge Lepeltier Minister of environment and sustainable development
Finland Jan-Erik Enestam Minister of the environment and Nordic cooperation
Germany Juergen Trittin Minister for the environment, nature conservation, and nuclear security
Greece Yeoryios Souflias Minister of environment, physical planning, and public works
Holy See (Vatican City)
Hungary Miklos Persanyi Minister of environmental protection and water management
Iceland Siv Fridleifsdottir Minister of environment


Minister Incumbency Under Title
Sylvester Barrett 1977/1980 Minister for the environment
Ray Burke 1980/1981
Peter Barry 1981/1982
Ray Burke 1982/1982 Haughey
Dick Spring 1982/1983
Liam Kavanagh 1983/1986 FitzGerald
John Boland 1986/1987
Pádraig Flynn 1987/1991
Rory O'Hanlon 1991/1992
Michael Smith 1992/1994
Brendan Howlin 1994/1997
Noel Dempsey 1997/2002 Ahern Minister for environment and local government;
Martin Cullen 2002/2003
2003/ Minister for environment, heritage, and local government

Country Minister Incumbency Title
Italy Altero Matteoli Minister of environment
Latvia Raimonds Vejonis Minister of environment protection
Liechtenstein Alois Ospelt Minister of environment, agriculture, and forestry
Lithuania Arunas Kundrotas Minister of environment
Luxembourg Charles Goerens Minister of environment
Switzerland Moritz Leuenberger 1998/ Head of the federal department of environment, transport, energy and communications

United Kingdom

Minister Incumbency Under Title
Peter Walker 1970-10-15/1972-11-05 Heath Secretary of state for the environment
Geoffrey Rippon 1972-11-05/1974-03-04
Anthony Crosland 1974-03-05/1976-04-08 Wilson
Peter Shore 1976-04-08/1979-05-04 Callaghan
Michael Heseltine 1979-05-05/1983-01-06 Thatcher
Tom King 1983-01-06/1983-06-11
Patrick Jenkin 1983-06-11/1985-09-02
Kenneth Baker 1985-09-02/1986-05-21
Nicholas Ridley 1986-05-21/1989-07-24
Chris Patten 1989-07-24/1990-11-28
Michael Heseltine 1990-11-28/1992-04-11 Major
Michael Howard 1992-04-11/1993-05-27
John Gummer 1993-05-27/1997-05-02
John Prescott 1997/2001 Blair Secretary of state for the environment, transport and the regions
Margaret Beckett 2001/ Secretary of state for environment, food and rural affairs

Country Minister Incumbency Title


Country Minister Incumbency Title
Australia David Kemp 2001-11-26/ Minister of environment and heritage
Cook Islands Ngamau Munokoa Minister of environment
Fiji Mataiasi Ragigia Minister for local government, housing, squatter settlement, and environment
Kiribati Martin Tofinga Minister for environment, lands, and agricultural development
New Zealand Marian Hobbs 1999-12-10/ Minister for the environment

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