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List of military aircraft of France
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List of military aircraft of France

The France has used many military aircraft both in its air force, the Armée de l'Air, and other branches of its armed forces. Numerous aircraft were designed and built in France, but many aircraft from elsewhere, or part of joint ventures have been used as well. Lighter-than-air aircraft such as dirigibles and balloons found use starting in the 1800s used mainly for observation. The advent of WW1 saw an explosion in the number France's aircraft, though development slowed after. While having many promising designs in development in the 1930s, government wrangling delayed development enough there was little available at the out break of WW2. The surrender in 1940 marked a low point, with development halting and many aircraft being captured and used by Vichy France and the Third Reich. Some aircraft that did escape served with free French forces, who also used many other types of alled aircraft. The cold-war saw the continued use of many other Western aircraft, mainly from the US, during a period of rebuilding of the aviation industry and under threat of war with the Soviet Union. Many new types would come into service including the very successful Mirage series or the latest design, the Rafale.

Pre WW1: (not completed)

Some major aircraft of WW1:

For a listing of most of the WW2 era French military aircraft see: Post WW2 aircraft: (not completed)

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