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List of Melbourne tram routes
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List of Melbourne tram routes

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Tram routes
Trams in Melbourne
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Please note that the subsidiary and discontinued routes listed here are not entirely confirmed at this stage. Main routes are, however.

This is a list of the 37 main tram routes and 55 subsidiary routes operating in the city of Melbourne, Australia. All tram routes lie within Metcard ticketing Zones 1 and 2.

For detailed travel information, do not rely solely on this page; please refer to the Metlink website.

Table of contents
1 Main routes
2 Subsidiary routes
3 Discontinued routes and unallocated route numbers
4 Tram depots
5 See also

Main routes

Subsidiary routes

Not entirely confirmed.

These are off-peak services that run along part of a major route above.

Discontinued routes and unallocated route numbers

Not entirely confirmed.

Tram depots

See also