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List of mayors of Milwaukee
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List of mayors of Milwaukee

This is a list of mayors of Milwaukee, Wisconsin:

1846Solomon Juneau
1847Horatio N. Wells
1848Byron Kilbourn (1st term)
18491850Don A. J. Upham
1851George H. Walker (1st term)
1852Hans Crocker
1853George H. Walker (2nd term)
1854Byron Kilbourn (2nd term)
18551857James B. Cross
18581859William L. Prentiss
1859Herman L. Page
1860William Pitt Lynde
1861James S. Brown
1862Horace Chase
1863Edward O'Neill (1st term)
1864Abner Kirby
18651866John J. Tallmadge
18671870Edward O'Neill (2nd term)
18701871Joseph Phillips
18711872Harrison Ludington (1st term)
18721873David G. Hecker
18731876Harrison Ludington (2nd term)
18761878A. A. R. Butler
18781880John Black
18801882Thomas H. Brown (1st term)
18821884John M. Stowell
18841888Emil Wallber
18881890Thomas H. Brown (2nd term)
1890November 11, 1890George W. Peck (resigned to become Governor of Wisconsin)
December 6 1890June 5 1893Peter J. Somers (resigned to go to Congress)
June 5 1893July 1 1893Henry Hase (acting Mayor)
18931896John C. Koch
18961898William C. Rauschenberger
18981906David S. Rose
19061908Sherburn M. Becker
19081910David S. Rose
19101912Emil Seidel
19121916Gerhard A. Bading
19161940Daniel Webster Hoan
19401942Carl Zeidler (died in service in World War II)
19421948John Bohn
19481960Frank P. Zeidler
19601988Henry W. Maier
19882003John Norquist (resigned)
20042004Marvin Pratt (interim mayor)
2004presentTom Barrett