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List of mayors of Littleton, Colorado
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List of mayors of Littleton, Colorado

Mayors of Littleton, Colorado

Franklin S. Gilmore1890-91
Dr. D.S. Weaver1891-92
H.H. Shepperd1892-93
H. Vanatta1893-94
G.M. Benedict1894-95
H.H. Shepperd1895-96
G.M. Benedict1896-97
C.H. Barclay1897-98
H.H. Shepperd1898-1901
C.W. Sittser1901-02
Dr. J.A. Farnsworth1902-05
R.F. Gill1905-06
H.H. Shepperd1906-08
Dr. W.C. Crysler1908-10
J.E. Maloney1910-12
John B. Mayers1912-13
J.E. Maloney1913-19
S.A. Noyes1919-21
O.C. Hoffman1921-24
Dr. W.C. Crysler1924-26
C.E. Stephenson1926-29
Charles G. Louthan1929-32
Dr. C.C. Harrod1932-34
Charles G. Louthan1934-41
H.H. Taylor1941-46
Roy E. Babcock1946-48
George Malcolm1948-52
Norman Granes1952-56
Frank A. Randall1956-57
A.N. (Bert) Williams1957-59
Everett Dawson1959-60
Gordon F. Taylor1960-63
Thomas R. Heaton1963-65
John G. Kinghorn1965-69
A.R. Bessette1969-71
F. Vaughn Gardinier1971-75
Harold Meyer1975-77
Sally M. Parsons1977-79
James P. Collins1979-83
Charley Emley1983-89
Susan Thornton1989-93
Dennis Reynolds1993-97
Pat Cronenberger1997-99
Susan Thornton1999-