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List of mayors of Chicago
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List of mayors of Chicago

Mayors of Chicago, Illinois, Current or Previous

William Butler Ogden1837-1838
Buckner Stith Morris1838-1839
Benjamin Wright Raymond 1839-1840
Alexander Lloyd1840-1841
Francis Cornwall Sherman 1841-1842
Augustus Garrett 1843-1844
Alson Sherman1844-1845
John Putnam Chapin1846-1847
James Curtiss1847-1848
James Hutchinson Woodworth 1848-1849
Walter S. Gurnee
Charles McNeill Gray
Isaac Lawrence Milliken
Levi Day Boone
Thomas Dyer
John Wentworth
John Charles Haines
Julian Sidney Rumsey
John Blake Rice
Roswell B. Mason
Joseph Medill
Harvey Doolittle Colvin
Monroe Heath
Carter Henry Harrison, Sr
John A. Roche
DeWitt Clinton Cregier
Hempstead Washburne
George Bell Swift1897-1905
John Patrick Hopkins1905-1907
Carter Henry Harrison, Jr1907-1911
Edward Fitzsimmons Dunne1911-1915
Fred A. Busse1915-1923
William Hale Thompson1923-1927
William Emmett Dever1927-1931
Anton Joseph Cermak 1931-1933 (died in office)
Frank J. CorrMarch 15, 1933-April 17, 1933 (32 days, acting)
Edward Joseph KellyApril 17, 1933-April 15, 1947
Martin H. Kennelly1947-1955
Richard Joseph DaleyApril 20, 1955-December 20, 1976 (died in office)
Michael Anthony BilandicDecember 28, 1976-April 16, 1979
Jane Margaret ByrneApril 16, 1979-April 29, 1983
Harold WashingtonApril 29, 1983-November 25, 1987 (died in office)
David Duvall OrrNovember 25, 1987-December 2, 1987 (8 days, interim)
Eugene SawyerDecember 2, 1987-April 24, 1989 (acting, elected by City Council)
Richard Michael DaleyApril 24, 1989-present