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List of Mayors of Bremen
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List of Mayors of Bremen

The German city-state of Bremen is governed by the Senat (senate, executive). The President of the Senate is the (first) Mayor of the city of Bremen (Bürgermeister) together with a second member of the Senate (the "second" Mayor of Bremen).

The President of the Senate is not Mayor of Bremerhaven, the other city in the state of Bremen.

FromToPresident of the Senate
and Mayor of Bremen
2 May 194531 July 1945Erich Vagts
31 July 1945 20 July 1965Wilhelm Kaisen
20 July 1965 28 November 1967Willy Dehnkamp
28 November 1967 18 September 1985Hans Koschnick
18 September 1985 4 July 1995Klaus Wedemeier
4 July 1995 Henning Scherf

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