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List of mathematical shapes
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List of mathematical shapes

Following is a list of some mathematically well-defined shapes. See also list of polygons, polyhedra and polytopes.

Table of contents
1 no D with no surface
2 0D with no surface
3 1D with 0D surface
4 2D with 1D surface
5 3D with 1D surface
6 3D with 2D surface
7 4D with 2D surface
8 4D with 3D surface
9 5D
10 6D
11 7D
12 8+ D
13 Fractals
14 Esoteric spaces

no D with no surface

0D with no surface

1D with 0D surface

2D with 1D surface

3D with 1D surface

3D with 2D surface

4D with 2D surface

4D with 3D surface




8+ D


Esoteric spaces

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