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List of mathematical examples
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List of mathematical examples

This page will attempt to list examples in mathematics. To qualify for inclusion, an article should be about a mathematical object with a fair amount of concreteness. Usually a definition of an abstract concept, a theorem, or a proof would not be an "example" as the term should be understood here (an elegant proof of an isolated but particularly striking fact, as opposed to a proof of a general theorem, could perhaps be considered an "example"). The discussion page for list of mathematical topics has some comments on this. Eventually this page may have its own discussion page. This page links to itself in order that edits to this page will be included among related changes when the user clicks on that button.

The concrete example within the article titled Rao-Blackwell theorem is perhaps one of the best ways for a probabilist ignorant of statistical inference to get a quick impression of the flavor of that subject.

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2 Sporadic groups
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Uncategorized examples, alphabetized

Sporadic groups

See also

list of examples in general topology.