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List of Maryland state prisons
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List of Maryland state prisons

This is a list of state prisons in Maryland. It does not include federal prisons or county jails located in the state of Maryland.

Baltimore City Correctional Center
Brockbridge Correctional Facility
Baltimore Pre-Release Unit
Baltimore Pre-Release Unit for Women
Baltimore Pre-Release Unit for Women-Annex
Eastern Correctional Institution
Eastern Pre-Release Unit
Home Detention Unit
Jessup Pre-Release Unit
Maryland Correctional Adjustment Center ("Baltimore Supermax Prison")
Maryland Correctional Institution - Hagerstown
Maryland Correctional Institution - Jessup
Maryland Correctional Institution - Women
Maryland Correctional Training Center
Maryland House of Correction
Maryland House of Correction Annex
Maryland Reception, Diagnostic and Classification Center
Metropolitan Transition Center
North Branch Correctional Institution
Poplar Hill Pre-Release Unit
Roxbury Correctional Institution
Southern Maryland Pre-Release Uint
Herman L. Toulson Boot Camp
Western Correctional Institution

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