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List of Manitoba premiers
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List of Manitoba premiers

This is a list of the premiers of the province of Manitoba, Canada, since it was created in 1870.

Alfred Boyd+Non-party*1870-1871
Marc-Amable Girard+Non-party*1871-1872
Henry Hynes Clarke+Non-party*1872-1874
Marc-Amable Girard (again)Non-party*1874
Robert A. DavisNon-party*1874-1878
John NorquayNon-party*1878-1887
David H. HarrisonNon-party*1887-1888
Thomas GreenwayLiberal1888-1900
Sir Hugh John MacdonaldConservative1900
Sir Rodmond P. RoblinConservative1900-1915
Tobias C. NorrisLiberal1915-1922
John BrackenUnited Farmers/Progressive**1922-1928
John BrackenLiberal-Progressive/Coalition**1928-1943
Stuart S. GarsonLiberal-Progressive/Coalition**1943-1948
Douglas L. CampbellLiberal***1948-1958
Dufferin RoblinProgressive Conservative1958-1967
Walter WeirProgressive Conservative1967-1969
Edward SchreyerNDP1969-1977
Sterling LyonProgressive Conservative1977-1981
Howard PawleyNDP1981-1988
Gary FilmonProgressive Conservative1988-1999
Gary DoerNDP1999-

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