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List of Major League Baseball principal owners
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List of Major League Baseball principal owners

Provided within is a list of current Major League Baseball team owners.

Team name Principal owner(s) Most recent purchase price Year
Anaheim Angels Arturo Moreno $180+ million 2003
Arizona Diamondbacks Jerry Colangelo $130 million 1995
Atlanta Braves Time Warner $173 million 1993
Baltimore Orioles Peter Angelos
Boston Red Sox John Henry 2002
Chicago Cubs Tribune Company
Chicago White Sox Jerry Reinsdorf
Cincinnati Reds Carl Lindner
Cleveland Indians Larry Dolan $320 million 1999
Colorado Rockies Jerry McNorris $95 million 1991
Detroit Tigers Michael Illitch $82 million 1992
Florida Marlins Jeffrey Loria 2002
Houston Astros Drayton McLane, Jr $102.7 million 1992
Kansas City Royals David Glass $96 million 2000
Los Angeles Dodgers
Milwaukee Brewers Wendy Selig-Prieb 1970
Minnesota Twins Carl Pohlad
Montreal Expos Major League Baseball $120 million 2002
New York Mets Nelson Doubleday and Fred Wilpon
New York Yankees George Steinbrenner $10 million 1973
Oakland Athletics Steve Schott and Ken Hoffman $85 million 1995
Philadelphia Phillies Bill Giles
Pittsburgh Pirates Kevin McClatchy $90 million 1996
St. Louis Cardinals William O. DeWitt, Jr $150 million (including Busch Stadium)
San Diego Padres John Moores
San Francisco Giants Peter Magowan $100 million 1992
Seattle Mariners Hiroshi Yamauchi $106 million 1992
Tampa Bay Devil Rays Vincent Naimoli $130 million
Texas Rangers Thomas O. Hicks $250 million 1998
Toronto Blue Jays Rogers Communications $112 million 2000