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List of Madrid metro stations
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List of Madrid metro stations

This is a list of the stations of the metro system in Madrid, Spain (see Madrid Metro).

The stations are named after near places or streets. Links are provided when the name refers to some Wikipedia-worthy concept.

Table of contents
1 Line One
2 Line Two
3 Line Three
4 Line Four
5 Line Five
6 Line Six
7 Line Seven
8 Line Eight
9 Line Nine
10 Line Ten
11 Line Eleven
12 Line Twelve
13 Ramal (R)

Line One

Plaza de Castilla - Congosto

Line Two

Cuatro Caminos - Ventas

Line Three

Moncloa - Legazpi

Line Four

Argüelles - Parque de Santa Maria

Line Five

Canillejas - Casa de Campo

Line Six


Line Seven

Pitis - Las Musas

Line Eight

Nuevos Ministerios - Barajas

Line Nine

Herrera Oria - Arganda del Rey

Line Ten

Puerta del Sur - Fuencarral

Line Eleven

Pan Bendito - Plaza Elíptica

Line Twelve


Ramal (R)

Príncipe Pío - Ópera

* Próxima Estación: Esperanza ("Next Station: Hope") is an album by French singer
Manu Chao. In the title song, a sample of the metro locution was played. Mr Chao has been brought to court by the speakers, because of copyright issues. As of 2003, it's not known the result of the trial.