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List of Macintosh software
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List of Macintosh software

This page is an incomplete List of Macintosh software, created both by Apple Computer (including that for older versions of Mac OS), and by third parties. As of June 2004, there were over 12,000 native Mac OS X programs. Please add new entries alphabetically to the appropriate section.

This list includes software that runs on at least one version Mac OS without use of emulation. 68k software runs on 68k Macs without emulation, so it is listed.

Table of contents
1 Currently released by Apple
2 Formerly released by Apple
3 Currently released by other vendors
4 Formerly released by other vendors
5 Audio
6 Chat
7 Developer Tools
8 Email
10 Games
11 Graphics
12 News
13 Text
14 Web browsers

Currently released by Apple

Included in Mac OS X

Available separately

Formerly released by Apple

Includes software released by the former
Claris corp., an Apple subsidiary.

Currently released by other vendors

Formerly released by other vendors



Developer Tools







Web browsers